Toastmasters International is a worldwide organization helping members develop theirs skills in communication and leadership. Congratulations on taking your first step in your Toastmasters journey and welcome to District 4! There is a lot to learn and explore within the Toastmasters Programs.

Meeting roles
All Clubs have some standard meeting roles. Here’s your quick guide to them

  • Toastmaster – Introduces all role-bearers for the meeting, ensures the meeting starts and ends on time.
  • Table Topics Master – Runs the table topics session asking members to speak for 1-2 mins on a given topic.
  • General Evaluator – Calls on evaluators and provides an evaluation for the meeting as a whole.
  • Speaker – Presents a prepared speech for a specific project in a Toastmasters speech manual.
  • Evaluator – Provides a 2-3 minute prepared evaluation for a prepared speaker focusing on the goals of the speaker’s project.
  • Ah-counter – Keeps a tally of all unnecessary filler words used by all members and presents a report at the end of the meeting.
  • Grammarian - Keeps a tally of all good and incorrect usage of language used by all members and presents a report at the end of the meeting.
  • Timer – Times all speakers and evaluators and provides appropriate light signals to indicate to the speakers and evaluators. At the end of meeting, the Timer provides a report.
  • Wordmaster – Presents a word with meaning, usage examples at the meeting and keeps a tally of members that use the word correctly.

Education Program
The communication track begins with the Competent Communication manual. This guides a member through the basic building blocks for any good speech.

Once completed, a member can progress through Advanced Speech manuals and move forward focusing on specialized tracks.

The leadership track begins with the Competent Leadership manual. This guides a member through the basics of taking on roles in a club meeting successfully.

Once completed, a member can progress through other leadership roles at the club, area, division and district levels.

A detailed flow of the education program and your path to acheiving Distinguished Toastmaster can be found on the Education Tracks page.

Leadership Opportunities
At Toastmasters, we believe in learning by doing. We have ample opportunity for members to hone their leadership skills.

The very first step if to take on a Club Officer role. You can read more about Club Officer roles here. It is a great opportunity to step up and lead a club in a leadership role.  Once you have served as a Club President, the next step of your leadership journey would be to volunteer as an Area Governor to support the clubs in your area.

Participate in Contests
In District 4, two series of contests are held each fall and each spring. Members may compete in the Evaluation Contest or the Humorous Speech Contest in the Fall and in the Table Topics Contest or the International Speech Contest in the Spring.

The purpose of a speech contest is to provide an opportunity for speakers to improve their speaking abilities, to recognize individual Toastmasters as an encouragement to all, and to provide an opportunity for all Toastmasters to learn by observing speakers who have benefited from their Toastmasters training. Each contest focuses on a particular set of skills, providing a terrific opportunity to learn about a specific area of communication. The different types of contests conducted in District 4 are summarized here. (This link will also need to contain eligibility, ballots)

Each of these contests begins with competitions at the club level. Club winners compete at the local Area Contest. Area Contest winners compete at the local Division Contests. Division Contest winners compete at the District Conference. District International Speech contest winners go on to represent the District at the International semi-final level.

What’s outside of the club
There are many opportunities and events that happen outside a Toastmasters Club.

Here are a few things you might consider –

  • Visit other clubs though the Club Ambassador Program
  • Visit other clubs and give speeches through Speakers for Stagetime
  • Adopt a Club that could use some help
  • Attend Area and Division contests
  • Make the best use of the various educational sessions at the Toastmasters Leadership Institute held several times a year
  • Attend the semi-annual District Conference which features a keynote, district-level speech contests and great educational sessions.

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