platinum presence

The Platinum Presence Award, previously called Platinum Page, was created to recognize the significance of the Internet as a communications tool. Because of the explosive growth of the Web as a means to access information, especially in the area of social media on sites such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, and Yelp, clubs cannot afford to ignore the impact that this form of communication has had on Toastmasters. The award recognizes the excellence of club webmasters and VPPRs in presenting their club and Toastmasters on the Web.

Even though a club may have a web site or social media presence, each club must submit an entry for the Platinum Presence contest for every year that it wishes to enter. Once the entries are received, a team of judges will evaluate the club's website and social media sites to render a decision. The Platinum Presence award winner will be announced at the Hall of Fame presentation at the District 4 Fall and Spring Conferences.

The contest for the Platinum Presence award is open to all club webmasters and VPPRs in District 4.

To enter the Platinum Presence contest, please send an e-mail message to the Public Relations Manager stating their intention to enter. The entry must also clearly list the following information:

  • Name of the club
  • Number of the club
  • Name of the webmaster or VPPR
  • Address of the club web site and social media pages(URL)
  • Three specific sections of the sites that you wish to highlight
    (with the addresses of these pages)

Judging Criteria
Entries will be judged on the site's content and design, with the emphasis clearly on the quality of the content presented by the site, as follows:

Content - 60%
Promotion (20%)
Education (15%)
Member Information (15%)
Integration (5%)
Administrative Content (5%)

Presentation - 40%
Navigation and Organization (25%)
Page Design/Layout (15%)

Entry Deadline
To be eligible, entries must be sent to the Public Relations Manager by October 24 for the Fall contest, and by April 30 for the Spring contest.