Orlando ReddenClub Growth Director - Orlando Redden, ACB, ALB
Contact Orlando at growth@d4tm.org

My personal mission statement: Everyday I will live my life to the fullest. By bettering my life and the lives I touch. I will continue to experience, learn, coach and mentor. I will find joy in the little things and share that joy with the world. I will develop the fortitude to handle anything that the world can send my way. To be the best I can be and bring the best out of others.

The way I see growth is from experiencing life, self reflection, feedback, giving, helping and connecting with others. By sharing my passion, experience and being a vessel for others to share theirs. I know District 4 will grow and grow stronger. We all have the fire inside of us to become the best we can. Sometimes we just need to be around people that will ignite or reignite the passion inside each one of us to achieve our dreams and be the person we dream about becoming.

My goal is to build new clubs and support all clubs in achieving excellence.  We will achieve that by creating a growth team filled people with passion to ignite passion in others. That passion to achieve our dreams and help other achieve theirs will spread throughout District 4.

Here are some specific programs that help with club growth. Please browse through the links and let us know if you have questions about Club Growth, or if you have ideas that could help us.

  • Club Sponsors: Have an idea for a new club? Let’s make it happen! Don’t worry--you don’t have to do it alone. The new clubs team will work closely with you and help you throughout the process. And you’ll get official recognition from Toastmasters International.
  • Club Coaches: Coaches work with clubs having fewer than 12 members to grow membership and increase momentum, so that the club becomes Distinguished. District 4's Adopt a Club page showcases clubs that are seeking a coach. Successful Club Coaches get official recognition from Toastmasters International.
  • Club Mentors: Mentors work with a newly chartered club for 6-12 months, helping that club establish itself. Your guidance assists the new club to begin on a solid footing. You’ll also get official recognition from Toastmasters International.
  • Club Ambassadors: Want to step outside your club and visit others? The Club Ambassador Program enables you to visit other clubs and share your unique insights with the District! Participation in other club meetings helps spread best practices across the District, and helps you to broaden you own Toastmasters experience.
  • Club Open Houses: Hold an Open House to spread awareness of your club and its unique culture in your community, adding new members in the process. Planning and having an Open House is a great exercise in leadership and team building for your club, and it also helps strengthen your membership.
  • Speechcraft Program: Present the fundamentals of public speaking to non-Toastmasters over 4 to 8 sessions. This is also an excellent way to grow your club’s membership as Speechcraft graduates often join the club and get credit towards their CC for the speeches they’ve already given.
  • Youth Leadership Program: Bring the benefits of Toastmasters to a younger generation! YLP coordinators run 8 weekly Toastmasters sessions with students ranging in age from older elementary school children through younger high school students.