District Director -  Noemi Gonzales, ACB, ALS

Noemi Gonzalez

Contact Noemi at dd@d4tm.org

I just completed my fifth Toastmasters anniversary! I've been reflecting on how that event influenced the direction of my journey, and how the lovely and complex people who entered my life since then have impacted my development. These are the Toastmasters who said "yes" when I reached out for support, who challenged me to think outside the box, and who dared me to try harder than before.

I am more resilient and fulfilled because of District 4's community, and because I said yes when asked to step into leadership. From sporadic roles (participating at a club or district event) to continued commitment (being Club Officer, and being Area, Division, Club Growth and Program Quality Director), each of these steps, with their unique challenges and joys, have yielded huge moments of self-discovery.