Golden Quill & Silver Scribe

District 4 Toastmasters Golden Quill

Golden Quill Award

The Golden Quill Award is presented semiannually at both the Fall and Spring District Conferences to the editor of the best club newsletter in the district.

What makes a good newsletter?

Many things, of course, go into making a good newsletter. The award is based on content that best promotes:

  • Club/Area/Division goals and the Club/Area/Division in general
  • Toastmasters International goals including speaking, communication, and leadership

and that has articles that appeal to any reader, whether another Toastmaster or a guest to your Club.

A newsletter is a great tool that helps you communicate with your members, as well as a promotional tool that a guest can take with them. The primary focus of this contest is on content, however layout and design do count.

The Golden Quill judging is based on the information in the "Produce a Club Newsletter and/or Web Site" section of the Club Leadership manual. The judges will look for the newsletters in District 4 that best meet that information. The judges will pick at most one winner.

Judging Criteria - Golden Quill

  • The intent of the contest is to promote effective communication and leadership for each Club.
  • Each competing Club newsletter was published during May - October for the Fall contest and during November - April for the Spring contest.
  • A competing Club published at least two issues of their newsletter for the Fall contest, and at least three issues for the Spring contest.
  • An issue released before the previous contest deadline that was not entered into the contest may count as one of the three issues required for entering the following contest.
  • A competing Club submitted their newsletters to the Public Relations Officer by October 31 for the Fall contest, and by April 30 for the Spring contest.


You can submit the newsletters in PDF, HTML or JPG format via e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

The District winner(s) will receive a plaque, in recognition of their achievement, at the Fall or Spring District 4 Conference. This is a great opportunity to promote yourself and your Club!

Golden Quill Winning Newsletters

Here are some newsletters which have won the Golden Quill.  

Silver Scribe Award (discontinued)

The Silver Scribe Award (discontinued as of 2011) was presented annually at the Spring District Conference to the editor of the best Area or Division newsletter in the district.