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Non-copyrighted material that is available here for download is identified by file type (Acrobat PDF or Word DOC). Note that the Speech Contest Rulebook PDF document is copyrighted.

Toastmasters International Official Rulebook
Speech Contest Rulebook (530k PDF)


Fall Contest Materials
Area Fall Contest Working Agenda (17k PDF)
Evaluation - Humorous Speech Contest Script (87k DOC)
Evaluation Contestant Briefing (11k PDF)
Humorous Speech Contestant Briefing (11k PDF)
Fall Chief Judge Briefing Checklist (28k PDF)
Evaluation Speech Contest (Digital) Kit (1169EDCD)
Humorous Speech Contest (Digital) Kit (1169HDCD)


Spring Contest Materials
Table Topics - International Contest Script (94k DOC)
Table Topics Contestant Briefing (15k PDF)
International Speech Contestant Briefing (11k PDF)
Spring Chief Judge Briefing Checklist (38k PDF needs update)
Table Topics Contest (Digital) Kit (1169TBLDCD)
International Speech Contest (Digital) Kit (1169DCD)


Contest Forms
Note that the forms are also available as part of the contest kits listed above.
Evaluation Judge’s Guide & Ballot (Digital) (1179DCD)
Evaluation Tiebreaker’s Guide & Ballot (Digital) (1179ADCD)

Humorous Judge’s Guide & Ballot (Digital) (1191DCD)
Humorous Tiebreaker’s Guide & Ballot (Digital) (1191ADCD)

Table Topics Judge’s Guide & Ballot (Digital) (1180DCD)
Table Topics Tiebreaker’s Guide & Ballot (Digital) (1180ADCD)

International Judge’s Guide & Ballot (Digital) (1172DCD)
International Tiebreaker’s Guide & Ballot (Digital) (1188DCD)

Speech Contest Time Record Sheet & Instructions (Digital) (1175DCD)
Counters' Tally Sheets (Digital) (1176DCD)
Speaker's Certification of Eligibility and Originality (Digital) (1183DCD)
Speech Contestant Biographical Information Sheet (Digital) (1189DCD)
Notification of Contest Winner (Digital) (1182DCD)