Toastmasters Leadership Institute
Saturday, August 22, 2020, 08:30am - 12:30pm
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Club Officer Training Plus Education Sessions 

Whether you're looking to connect more effectively with your colleagues on Zoom or upping your Game - this TLI is for you!.

The Leadership Institute features networking with Toastmasters members and non-members alike, fostering a supportive environment to get to know one another as people and professionals. If you are a Toastmasters club officer, there will also be the opportunity to attend training sessions and receive credit for your club.

 8:30 AM Welcome Remarks
8:45 AM  Club Officer Training: Group Session and Breakouts
Storytelling Workshop - Stewart Murrie
9:45 AM   Educational Sessions
Mentoring Through Storytelling - Babu Ramabadran, DTM Club Mentor Chair
Having Difficult Conversations with Positive Feedback - Susan Schwarz
10:45 AM  Educational Sessions
Advanced Pathways Panel - Kat Gordiienko, Joshua Montgomery, Henry Miller, DTM, PDG and Timothy Carlisle, DTM
Power Dynamics and Connecting Emotionally on Zoom - Fonta Hadley
11:45 AM   Town Hall (District Leaders)
12:15 PM   Feedback and Takeaways
12:30 PM   Event Ends


Difficult Conversations with Positive FeedbackConflict often occurs when people avoid essential conversations or say something they immediately wished they could take back. This session will provide you tips and techniques to initiate difficult conversations and help you achieve your desired outcome.

Susan SchwartzSpeaker Biography
Susan Swartz has led a variety of corporate and government teams through organizational change and technology transformation. She equips subject matter experts with communications and relationship-building skills to become world-class managers. Her change toolbox combines Emotional Intelligence, Lego Serious Play, and knowledge sharing methods. In addition to authoring, Creating a Greater Whole: A Project Manager’s Guide to Becoming aLeader, she is an adjunct instructor at UC Berkeley and UC Santa Cruz.


Mentoring through Storytelling
We as Toastmasters are in the storytelling business. Any role can be made more effective through storytelling. Right from a young age a kid listens to stories and imagines to be the main character in the story and emulates the character. In the same way, a mentor can deliver a powerful message through storytelling when it comes to helping others. A good mentor is someone who is able to share stories that include personal anecdotes, case examples, and honest insight. As a mentor there will always be “how I did it right” and “how I did it wrong” stories. At the end of the day, it is all about relatability. If a mentor can make a mentee relatable to a character in a story, his/her job is done.

Babu RamabadranSpeaker Biography
Babu Ramabadran belongs to Money Talks Toastmasters at the Federal Reserve Bank of San Francisco. He has been a member for ten years and has just obtained his DTM in May 2020. He has mentored several clubs in San Francisco including Pinterest, Okta, Mixpanel, Zume, Blackstone and Pivotal. He is currently serving as the Mentor Chair for District 4.


Power Dynamics and Connecting Emotionally on Zoom
In this virtual training, participants will take a closer look at their virtual communication skillset. The first segment will look at the role of emotional communication (EQ) and offer tools and best practices for developing connection and rapport via video conferencing. The second segment dives into diplomacy training, focusing on communication skills and strategies to manage competitive behavior, difficult personalities and constructively address power dynamics. This training includes a presentation followed by Q&A, where participants can discuss "real life" scenarios, walk through the different applications of the tools and receive individual or case specific feedback."

Fonta HadleySpeaker Biography
Fonta Hadley is an executive coach and the owner of Eloquence, a soft skill training company here in San Francisco. Based on fifteen years of experience, her training equips leaders with communications skills that are indispensable in the contemporary world. Her methodology covers verbal and nonverbal communication - body language, voice, speech, messaging and listening skills – with a strong emphasis on developing emotional communication (EQ). By leveraging an individual's strengths and elevating their skill, Fonta helps leaders cultivate, and embody positive leadership and humane conduct. After twelve years of coaching people in positions of power, Fonta became curious about ultimate power and began volunteering at San Quentin prison. She continues to study power dynamics there and teaches a positive self-representation skills class to inmates.


Storytelling 101

Storytelling is one of our oldest, and most powerful, communication tools. We tell stories to inspire, teach and entertain. It's how we make sense of our experiences and how we share our ideas with the world. The best leaders, coaches and educators are all great storytellers. Now you can be, too.

Whether real or fictional, for fun or profit, the world needs to hear your story. In this webinar, Stewart Murrie will teach you the 5 basic elements that every good story needs, and he'll share a simple template you can use to tell your own amazing story to enthrall your audience.

Stewart Murrie

Speaker Biography
Stewart Murrie DTM is a San Francisco-based product designer, speaker and coach. He is an active member of two clubs in District 4, Dolby Speakers and San Francisco Storytellers, and has served as both an Area and Division Director. He competes regularly, having reached District finals on four occasions, winning the 2017 District 4 Evaluation Contest. He was also recognized as the 2017 District 4 Toastmaster of the Year. Stewart loves helping teams work better together, and regularly runs workshops on topics such as brainstorming, evaluations and leadership. If you'd like him to run a workshop at your club or workplace, contact him at


Expert Pathways Panel
Katherine Pratt, DTM, PDD will host an advanced Pathways Panel with Kat Gordiienko, President of San Francisco Downtown and Founder and CEO of Maiven, Joshua Montgomery, President of Plane Talk Toastmasters and Aviation.

About the Workshop : First you will hear the Pathways experience of four diverse Toastmasters - young, older, female and male. All have been impacted in a positive way by the Pathways program. You will learn tips, tricks, "hacks" how to best employ Pathways for yoru clubs, new members, seasoned members and everything in between. Every panelist has gotten to Level 5 at a minimum and can provide a wealth of knowledge on the program.



Town Hall (District Leaders
The District Director, Program Quality Director, Club Growth Director and Public Relations Manager will simply listen and note any concerns or feedback you'd like us to know and answer your questions. It's important to share feedback on the membership experience.