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The least I can do for my District this year is to motivate members to visit other clubs. This program opens the door to humble folks to expand their horizon, and bring back & share their experiences with their home clubs. An Ambassador not just for showing up & observing another club but bringing a different perspective to the team and connecting yourself to the greater community. You'll earn an Ambassador pin at the end of the year for your trips and travels you've done via Zoom.

This is what I'll tell my fellow ambassador's who want to explore more clubs, connect with other members, and learn from them. Finally get rewarded for stepping out of your club!

Tuya Bliss

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: How does the Club Ambassador Program work?
A: Visit another club in District 4, then fill out the form linked at the top of this page. It's that easy!

Q: What's in it for me?
A: You will broaden your network and horizons by connecting with another club, learn new techniques, and develop your evaluation skills.

Q: Do I need to have achieved a certain Toastmasters educational credential to participate?
A: No. Any member can be an Ambassador.

Q: Do I need permission from the club to visit?
A: Most clubs are happy to have visitors. It's a good idea to reach out first and let the club know you're coming, to confirm you have the most accurate meeting details. Some meeting venues may require you to be on a building guest list.

Q: What should I bring to the meeting?
A: A writing utensil and an open mind.


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