One of the most important activities for any club is keeping a handle on all of the administrative details required to ensure the smooth operation of your club. Common duties include completing the basic paperwork, tracking deadlines, communicating with other Toastmasters groups, and building club membership. Performing these duties in a timely fashion not only helps the Toastmasters organization support its members, but it also provide a strong sense of accomplishment to those helping fulfill these duties.

While tracking these activities may not seem very "rewarding," learning how to manage administrative tasks is an important part of developing your leadership skills. Please review the brief descriptions below to better understand the administrative tasks involved in running your club.

Club Officers Roles
Each of the officers in a Toastmasters club has certain responsibilities to fulfill in supporting the club and its members. There are several officer positions within each Toastmasters club both to spread the workload fairly and to expand the leadership opportunities for club members.

Club Officer Tasks
As a club officer, you will be asked to complete several forms and reports for your club and Toastmasters International. Keeping track of all of these documents can sometimes seem a daunting task. To help clarify these duties, the district has compiled a basic list outlining the most important administrative tasks required of clubs.

Club Officer Checklist
Details the month-to-month activities and events each club officer should be addressing.