Toastmasters FreeToastHost Demo SiteBuilding and maintaining a club web site is a vital communications tool.

Having a well-designed web site not only improves communication with your club's members, it also can serve as an extremely effective way to promote your club. In designing your club's web site, it's a good idea to construct your home page with non-Toastmaster visitors in mind. There should be ample information to provide a visitor with a strong indication of what Toastmasters is about, an introduction to your club and mention of your club's meeting time and location. In providing this information, the site should also invite guests to come and learn what Toastmasters has to offer.

Building Your Club Web Site
Just as there are nearly as many newsletter designs as newsletters, the number of ways in which you can design your club's web site are almost limitless. One of the best site design tools available to Toastmasters clubs is Toastmasters International’s official club Web page hosting service, FreeToastHost 2.0.

Over half the clubs in the world make use of FreeToastHost 2.0. In addition to club web site hosting, this no-cost service also provides valuable tools such as as a duty roster, member directory, e-mail lists, discussion boards, and club calendars. 

For clubs who do not use FreeToastHost 2.0, Toastmasters International offers official WordPress and Google templates on the Brand Portal. Be sure to follow the Brand Manual when designing your website and incorporate the logo, stock photography, graphic elements, color palette and typography.

Internet Guidelines
As your club designs and builds its own web site, please review the Websites secton of Protocol 4.0 Intellectional Properties of the Toastmasters International Policies and Protocal Governing Document available here from the Toastmasters International web site.

Promoting Your Site
After you club's web site is up and running, the site won't help you promote your club if you don't promote the site as well. As such, your club should strive to use all of the publicity tools at its disposal to mention the web address of your club's site. For example, be sure to list the web address on your club newsletter and in any newspaper announcements you have.