One of the easiest ways to build membership is by Hosting an Open House. The person who chairs the event can even receive Pathways Level 4 Manage Projects Successfully or Chairperson Competent Leadership (CL) manual credit for either Organizing and & Delegating for organizing a special event or Motivation for running a membership campaign!

    Here is the simple Open House how-to list:
    • Select an Open House Committee.
    • Choose a specific date at least a month in advance.
    • Use the Open House Checklist to plan the event.
    • Create a flyer similar to the one found here or use some of the promotional materials on the Increasing Club Membership page.
    • Post the event on the District 4 Meetup.
    • Invite past members, current members and potential members to attend.
    • Contact your club’s Area Director (via email) to coordinate special guests from District and surrounding clubs to support the event.
    • Use an abbreviated agenda similar to the one found here to have a one hour meeting.
    • Provide your guests with information about Toastmasters and your club by using the Guest Guide Example or other promotional materials found at Toastmasters International (see Membership Building Resources found at the lower-right of this page).
    • Celebrate your Open House and have fun!

Reach out to Club Growth Director at for more ideas, resources and fun ways to celebrate your club.


Open House ChallengeClubs that hold an open house during August-September or January-February and add 3 or more new members within four weeks receive $50 in District Credit. Send proof of promotion, open house meeting agenda and new member info to District Club Growth Director (

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