diamond director nodate

The Diamond Director Award was created to encourage clubs to explore using video as a medium to promote the club. Video consumption on the internet has grown rapidly and Toastmasters clubs can use video to give visitors to their club website a peek into the personality of the club. The purpose of the Diamond Director award is to build a 30 - 60 second infomercial for the club. Please do not submit a recording of a club meeting for this contest. Instead get creative, tell a story through the video and give your viewer a call to action.

The contest for the Diamond Director award is open to all VPs of Public Relations (and their committee members) in District 4 Toastmasters. The video submitted must be an original entry for the current contest. More than one video may be entered in the contest by a club.

To enter the contest, please send an e-mail message to the Public Relations Manager pr@d4tm.org stating their intention to enter. Please provide a link to the video.

Judging Criteria
Entries will be judged on the site's content and design, with the emphasis clearly on the quality of the content presented by the site, as follows:

  • Story Line (30%)
    • Clear and enticing story line to the video
  • Information (25%)
    • The basic outline of a Toastmasters meeting is shown
    • Effective communication of the Toastmasters educational program
  • Call To Action (15%)
    • Clear next steps for the viewer to take
    • Closing the sale by asking for viewer action
  • Coolness Factor (20%)
    • The video comes together well and the viewer wants to share it with others
  • Technical Excellence (10%)
    • How well shot is the video?

Entry Deadline
To be eligible, entries must be sent to the Public Relations Manager pr@d4tm.org by April 30.