District Director - Kalidas Cheroolil, DTM

Kalidas Cheroolil DTM

Contact Kalidas at dd@d4tm.org

I joined Toastmasters because of the unforgettable first meeting I attended. Almost 7 years later, I am still here because of the opportunities I get to meet and learn from individuals from all walks of life, doing all of it in a structured, safe and fun filled atmosphere. Over the last few years, I have had the privilege to work in different leadership roles at the club and District level. I am hoping to put all the knowledge and wisdom I gained through these roles to drive our District to excellence, with assistance from my fellow District leaders and my extended support network of Toastmaster friends.


2020-21 District Theme: Drive Each Other
Everything we do in Toastmasters takes a village. It is one big collaboration, an altruist group of volunteers helping each other become better versions of themselves.

District 4's theme for the 2020-21 year is Drive Each Other. The different colors on the men and women in the gears represent the diversity in our group, in terms of race, religion, cultural background and belief system. Difference in the gear sizes represent the unique set of skill sets and related challenges each one of us have. Despite all these differences, we are interdependent. Things look a bit off-centered at times, though all of us are driving each other in the same direction, towards the same goal. We don't let each other fall or fail, and help each other pick up the pace if there is ever a drop. The result of the individual effort we put in is at times not visible, but makes an impact multiple steps down the line. The green wheel represents our initiatives and our collective push towards our goals. For an outsider looking inwards from the side, the inner workings are not seen or known.

We are District 4, and we Drive Each Other.