Toastmasters Leadership Institute
Saturday, November 14, 2020, 08:30am - 12:30pm
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Club Officer Training with Additional Educational Sessions

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Dream-Believe-Achieve Become the person you were destined to be - attend District 4's Toastmasters Leadership Institute
Are you ready to embrace the journey of becoming a better leader and communicator? Join us at District 4's fall Toastmaster Leadership Institute to learn how and recognize your achievements. Read on for details on what to expect and how to get involved.

This event is open to the public and will feature educational sessions on skills that you can apply at your Toastmasters club, at work, and other aspects of your life.

8:15 AM  Registration, and Networking

8:30 AM  Welcome Remarks & Recognitions

8:45 AM  Club Officer Training: Sessions

8:45 AM  Parallel Educational Session

  • Grow with Speech Craft - Suresh Sugavanam

9:45 AM - Leadership Workshops

  • Communicating on Video - Tara Moriarty
  • Empowering Leaders - Kitzzy Avilés DTM, IPDD

10:45 PM  Leadership Workshops

  • Engineering Winning Evaluations to the Next Level - E. Tyree Johnson, DTM, PDG
  • Speak Like a Leader - Rita Barber, DTM,PDG

11:45 PM  Town Hall with District Leaders

12:15 PM  Event Ends

Grow - with Speechcraft - Suresh Sugavanam
About the workshop : Coming soon!

About the facilitator: Suresh has been with Toastmasters for the last 2.5 years. He is currently an Area Director and has served as VPE, VPPR at Genentech Toastmasters. He is passionate about making this world a better place for everyone, hence he is delivering all his speeches in his “Visionary Communication” Pathway on Environmental Awareness or Climate change issues. As an aspiring DTM, Suresh loves to contribute to his peers' success by actively encouraging them to strive for their best.

At work, he does data analytics to support sales. He is an East Bay resident. During COVID-19 times he has started to get his hands dirty, literally, with gardening. He enjoys traveling to different countries (loves Dubai, UAE), hiking (Mission Peak, Fremont), running (few 10K’s), occasionally cooking (anything vegetarian), doing yoga, and meditation (trying to do it daily).

Communicating on Video - Tara Moriarty
About the Workshop : Through the power of storytelling and understanding your audience, discover how you can make connections with people to produce an impact. Learn how to take chances that benefit you at work, not only on a day-to-day basis, but with your career. Engage with your co-workers and other stakeholders to obtain the results you desire.

About the facilitator: Tara Moriarty is the Internal Communications Director for SFO, who has produced dozens of videos for the Airport for both internal and external purposes. She was the Director of Communications for London Breed’s mayoral campaign and, prior to that, a broadcast journalist for 25 years. As an anchor and reporter for KTVU, she won an Emmy for breaking news and numerous awards from the Society of Professional Journalists for her in-depth investigative stories and feature reporting. She is on the board for the SF Police Activities League, an emcee for various charitable events, and volunteers for organizations ranging from St. Anthony’s to SFFD’s Annual Toy Drive.

Empowering Leaders - Kitzzy Avilés, DTM, PDD
About the workshop: Toastmasters is “where leaders are made,” but how are they made? All of us have the potential to be a leader. It’s likely that you are already a leader in some aspect of your life, even if you don’t have an official leadership title. Join this interactive webinar to explore how to empower yourself and others to unlock your leadership potential. If you are already in a leadership role, learn how to find and prepare your successor to ensure continuity and explore what’s next for you. Interested in taking on a leadership role for the first time? This session will include an overview of club and district leadership opportunities, transferable skills, and tips for finding and empowering future leaders, with plenty of time for questions throughout.

About the facilitator: Distinguished Toastmaster Kitzzy Avilés is the Immediate Past District Director for 2020-21 who wants to empower you to achieve excellence. She is passionate about leadership, in and out of Toastmasters, as a way to continue to grow her skills and empower others to unlock their potential. She has over 20 years of experience as an Instructional Designer and Learning Facilitator in various industries.

Engineering Winning Evaluations To The Next Level - Tyree Johnson, DTM, PDG
About the workshop : Measurement, accountability, and feedback bring the prism of truth to any form of communication. These elements are fundamental if you want to constructively deliver evaluations in your club meetings, professional environments, business negotiations, as well as in Toastmaster contests. Engineering the construct of evaluation is essential to yield a winning result for all concerned. This workshop is designed to give you the tools of winning mindset in any setting. Regardless of the level of confidence and competence you have in giving evaluations, you can learn the sound principles as a speech evaluator that will create winning moments. You can become the creative catalyst for change and affirmation by giving a spot-on evaluation 1-v-1 or before a group. As the inaugural District 57 2020 Virtual Online Evaluation Champion, Tyree invites you to join him as he shares with you his tips in Engineering Winning Evaluations To The Next Level.

About the facilitator: Distinguished Toastmaster Tyree Johnson has been a Toastmaster for nearly 20 years, having coached and mentored 2 clubs, chartered 15 clubs, and sponsored 119 members over that period of time. He is a 2x DTM (Distinguished Toastmaster), a past District 57 Governor (2007-08). He earned the Excellence in Education award while serving as District 57 Lt. Gov. of Education and Training plus the Excellence in Marketing award (2006-07) while serving as D57 Lt. Gov. of Marketing (2005-06).

Along his extensive Toastmaster journey, he served multiple district and club offices, receiving multiple Toastmaster awards for his service including the Toastmasters International Presidential Citation Award 2017. In addition, he created several opportunities to give members recognition for service and achievement over the years. This year he also became the Inaugural District 57 Virtual Online 2020 Speech Evaluation Champion.

Tyree currently works with high school youth to develop their professional job skills in San Francisco. He also serves at Temple UMC in San Francisco as a Certified Lay Minister of the United Methodist Church.

Speak Like a Leader - Rita Barber, PDG, DTM
About the workshop: In order to allow the leader in you to emerge and take center stage, think and use what you know already. In this fast-paced session, you learn how to find and apply much of what you already have and eliminate that which does not serve you. Moving forward, YOU will leave a lasting impression as the Leader you have always been.

About the facilitator: Rita Barber, has personally delivered hundreds of workshops on various aspects of powerful presenting and leadership, as well as professionally coaching others in their high-stakes presentations. She is a two-time DTM and Past District 4 Governor, 2013-14 Select Distinguished. She is also a recipient of the Presidential Citation Award, 2016.

11:45 PM – Town Hall with Top 4 District Leaders
About the Workshop: In January, the District Director, Program Quality Director, and Club Growth Director will be virtually attending Toastmasters International Mid Year Training. We are hear to listen to your concerns as we meet with other Toastmasters International Leaders.

About the Facilitators:

12:15 PM – Putting It All Together
By the end of this Leadership Institute, you'll have attended training, gained knowledge at education workshops, and made new connections. How can you leverage all of this to grow as a Toastmaster (or future Toastmaster)? Join us as we wrap up with a few key takeaways and get your immediate feedback to truly get the most out of your day.​