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Visit a Club
Visiting a club is the best way to learn more about Toastmasters. While the information contained in this web site can give you a good idea of what to expect, the best way to learn what Toastmasters can provide to you is to visit one of our clubs' meetings. Contact a club using the telephone number or email provided. If the club has its own web site, you may get additional contact information there.

Visit More Than One Club
We encourage you to visit more than one club as each club has its own individual personality. Even with these different personalities, however, each club adheres to the core principles of Toastmasters: namely, to improve its members' speaking skills in a supportive environment.

You Are Always Welcome
You are always welcome at our meetings. You may take part if you wish, or just watch and listen. As a guest you will be introduced so that the members of the club know who you are, and we encourage you to join us. The decision to take that first step toward becoming a better speaker, however, is entirely up to you.