District 4's television program, Toastmasters Bay to Bay, is available for viewing online. Bay to Bay was produced at the Midpeninsula Community Media Center monthly in Palo Alto from September 2008 through July 2015. The producers were Birgit Starmanns and Stan Ng. 


wave   Toastmasters Bay to Bay won and was a finalist in the Educational Access category of the WAVE (Western Access Video Excellence) Awards, which are sponsored by the Alliance for Community Media, Western Region (http://acmwest.org/). Many thanks to the speakers and the crew on these episodes!
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Episode 75 (winner)

Episode 64 (winner) Episode 58 (winner)
Episode 48 (finalist)
Episode 28 (finalist)
Producers Birgit Starmanns and Stan Ng Birgit Starmanns and Stan Ng Birgit Starmanns and Stan Ng Birgit Starmanns, Stan Ng, and Denet Lewis


Episode 75: 2015 July

Scott Goering highlights our social interactions and handling differing opinions in "Can't We All Just Get Along?" and Tony Saccardi evaluates. Kristian Crump, Atul Nayak and Birgit Starmanns share speaking tips on connecting to your audience, storytelling to enhance presentations, and handling impromptu presentations. Kristyn Medeiros hosts.

Episode 74: 2015 May
Samya Boxberger-Oberoi explores emotional, mental and spiritual well being in "The Philosophy and Science of Yoga". Denet Lewis asks us to consider diamonds as an investment in "A Portfolio's Best Friend". Alan Davis and Annamarie Buonocore evaluate our speeches. Our featured club is Promasters. Sharon Corgile hosts.

Episode 73: 2015 April
What do you do when a door closes on a dream? Svetlana Danilova tells us how 8 closed doors led to the Duomo, one of the great architectural achievements of the Renaissance, in "Build a Door." Our host Birgit Starmanns interviews Oksana Walton, who tells us about her Toastmasters journey. Sharon Corgile is our speech evaluator, and our featured club is Promasters in Foster City.

Episode 72: 2014 November
Stephen Chin talks about his experiences of "Making a Difference" on a medical mission in Nigeria. Henry Miller encourages each of us to "Follow Your Dream" in spite of adversity. Andy Gimenez and Robert Tang are the evaluators. Tony DeLeon hosts.

Episode 71: 2014 October
Rene Gamero shares his trepidations on Net Neutrality, and Arnie Buss talks about a basic skill in "Listening." Patras Bukhari and Kristian Crump are our speech evaluators. In our remote video we feature a talk with Lance Miller. Michael Yerzy hosts.

Episode 70: 2014 September
Chris Clay learns a lesson in "Perseverance" from his son. Connie Dimmit introduces us to the Surrealism art style in "Smile, Think, Eat". Our speech evaluators are Maik Pietsch and Rishi Nakra. Craig Harrison hosts.

Episode 69: 2014 August
Kristian Crump talks about feeling comfortable with your body during public speaking in "Lean In." Joseph Fernandez tells us about a meaningful encounter with a grocery store clerk in "You Matter." Rene Gamero and Dennis Chase evaluate the speeches. Rajiv Prabakhar hosts.

Episode 68: 2014 July
Scott Goering reflects on perspective and wisdom learned over time in "Here's to the Second Half." Svetlana Danilova recites a touching story in "A Million Red Roses." Kristian Crump and Sharon Corgile evaluate the speeches. Birgit Starmanns hosts.

Episode 67: 2014 June
Oscar Perez inspires us to take personal responsibility by sharing a story of personal transformation in "Nadie Vive Del Fui." Ron Pong tells of lessons learned in perseverance carried forward from the surface of an ice rink in "One Fall Away." Trich Gray and Aleks Aris evaluate the speeches. Our featured club is Next Step Toastmasters. Sharon Corgile hosts.

Episode 66: 2014 May
Toastmasters stretch the truth in Tall Tales! Austin Lu tells us "How I Removed the Birds from the Attic" and Madhu Krishnamurthy tells us about a very "Smart Car". Then, Aubrey Carrier tells us about some Texas history in "Don't Mess with Archives." Tiffany Allen provides some helpful evaluation feedback. Kristian Crump hosts.

Episode 65: 2014 April
In our Talk Show format, we have Crystal Kwok and Stan Ng making appearances as interview guests, hosted by Anna Pleikis and Ben Cardenas. Our editorial speakers are Oksana Walton and John Lau.

Episode 64: 2014 February
Michael Hsieh delivers a touching story, "The Dream that Changed my Life," and is evaluated by Kristian Crump. In our education portion, we get tips on speaking from Svetlana Danilova (speech introductions), Ben Cardenas (moving with purpose), and Birgit Starmanns (speech conclusions). In our external video, we feature a profile of professional speaker Sheryl Roush. Chris Clay hosts.

Episode 64 was the winner in the 2014 WAVE (Western Access Video Excellence) Awards!

Episode 63: 2014 January
Cody Cotulla tells us about "One Monday Night" and Jason Lai is "Searching for Speaking Secrets". Anne Hu and Sheldon Gordon evaluate the speeches. Our featured club is Promasters. Tony DeLeon hosts.

Episode 62: 2013 December
Thomas Rosenberg asks "Are you Nervous?" and presents ways to alleviate speech anxiety. Bina Mehta tells us how to reach our Toastmasters "G.O.A.L.S." Ravi Ganesan and Tony DeLeon evaluate the speeches. Our featured club is HP Hilltop Speakers, and Robert Tang hosts.

Episode 61: 2013 November
Kannappan Singaram shows us how to maximize our longevity in "Make it 100". Luis Velasquez shares his personal optimism through his eventful personal journey in "Lessons to Thrive". Ravi Ganesan and Ben Cardenas evaluate the speeches. Lance Miller is profiled in our feature video, and Kurt Sims hosts.

Episode 60: 2013 October
Beau Safken shows us how to monetize our free time in "Find a Hobby that Pays." Deep Kakkar is a Confident Communicator, in "I am CoCo." Birgit Starmanns and Tony DeLeon evaluate the speeches, and our feature video shows us a Telepresence meeting between Cisco offices in San Jose and in Singapore. Rishi Nakra hosts.

Episode 59: 2013 September
Six Toastmasters present projects from the "Communicating on Video" advanced speech manual. Ben Cardenas interviews Dr. Sandy Lillie on being a therapist. Spencer Hatfield hosts Rachana Srivastava on the subject of Women in Technology. Rey Mercado and Tricia Harp offer opinion pieces.

Episode 58: 2013 August
Neema Fotoohi gives us dating tips in "3 First Date Principles All Women Wish Men Knew" and is evaulated by Juanita Dion. We get speechmaking tips from three experienced Toastmasters: Derrick Pallas, Sharon Corgile and Tony DeLeon. Our featured club is Redwood City Orators and our host is Kristyn Fredericks. Check out our new colors!

Episode 58 was the winner in the 2013 WAVE (Western Access Video Excellence) Awards!

Episode 57: 2013 July
An episode of Champions! We feature the winners of the District 4 speech contests. In his award-winning International Speech Contest entry, Henry Miller tells us about "The Messengers" which inform our lives at critical junctures. Andy Keates stretches the truth a bit in his Tall Tale, "My Flight to DC". Mary Edmunds and John Martos evaluate the speeches, Birgit Starmanns hosts.

Episode 56: 2013 May
We depart from our usual format to bring you a talk show! Five Toastmasters work on projects from the "Communicating on Television" Advanced Communication Manual. Stan Ng interviews Elizabeth Barton on her transformation from a Hunter/Killer to Healer. Ben Cardenas offers thoughts on "An Insidious Disease." Dhwani Shah interviews Ram Kowshika on his keen interest in Indian music and poetry.

Episode 55: 2013 April
Elisabeth Hamon speaks of her acquired appreciation for the immigrant's experience in "Freedom of Choice". In "Mindset", Denet Lewis reflects on some life's disappointments--and how he has dealt with them. Tony DeLeon and Caspar Horne evaluate the speeches, and Bernard Arias hosts.

Episode 54: 2013 March
Time for Tall Tales! Christopher Lipp and Robert Tang tell us some doozies. Then, Maren Otieno vents some frustration in parenting, in "Teach and Learn". Adriana Baca evaluates Maren's speech. Our featured club is Next Step Toastmasters. Melissa Frick hosts.

Episode 53: 2013 February
Becky Shafi talks Dogs and Cats in "Going to the Dogs". Dan Beck tells us about the three essential elements of "A Career that's Right For You". Bernard Arias and Sharon Corgile evaluate, and Roy Terry hosts.

Episode 52: 2013 January
Both prepared and impromptu speeches are featured in this episode! Elaine Young tells us a dog story in "Waste of Time?" with Sharon Corgile giving her feedback on the speech. Robert Tang leads us in Table Topics with Katherine Pratt, Bob McComb, Juanita Dion, Jenny Cai and Birgit Starmanns giving their impromptu speeches. Tony DeLeon hosts.

Episode 51: 2012 December
Have you ever wondered what another speech evaluator might have said about a speech? Here's your chance! We've got 6 evaluators delivering feedback, "Round Robbin" style! John McKnight tells us about interesting members of the animal kingdom in "My Favorite Creatures", and is evaluated by other members of the Evening Stars, including Dmitiriy Krasnov, Scott Goering, Joel Goyette, Kristyn Fredericks, Tony Saccardi and Rajiv Prabhakar. Then, Birgit Starmanns tells a Tall Tale in "All Aboard!". Svetlana Danilova hosts.

Episode 50: 2012 November
In our Youth Leadership themed show, 7th grader Kiran helps us to remember to "Live your life well: help others". Casper Horne tells us about his experience with the Toastmasters Youth Leadership Program in "Reach Out and Touch Someone". Sharon Corgile evaluates both speeches; Ed Balocating hosts.

Episode 49: 2012 October
Setha Yim makes the case for starting on the road to improved public speaking in "Taking the Plunge". Rob McComb critiques those ubiquitous bumper stickers in "Rebuttal". Tony DeLeon and Mali Dahl evaluate the speeches. Our video featurette is a profile of 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, Lance Miller. Katherine Pratt hosts.

Episode 48: 2012 September
Vaishali Sirkay tells us about the importance of voting in "A Civics Lesson from my Parents", and Adriana Baca evaluates her speech. We hear speaking tips from Rajiv Prabhakar, Mark Stivings and Birgit Starmanns explaining Vocal Variety, Eye Contact and Filler Words. Our feature video shows us a remote meeting at Cisco. Stan Ng hosts.

Episode 48 was a finalist (top three) in the 2013 WAVE (Western Access Video Excellence) Awards!

Episode 47: 2012 August
Maria Leone takes us from "Panic to Power" and Svetlana Danilova tells us how to "Open a Door to Your Trading Room". Brian Lee and Geoff Wing evaluate, and our featured club is ProMasters. Ben Cardenas hosts.

Episode 46: 2012 July
A Dance-themed show! Birgit Starmanns shows off her shoes, because you know: "You Can Never Have Enough Shoes", especially when you're dancing. Kristyn Fredericks asks, Salsa, Ballet, Swing? Tango? How do you find your perfect dance? Elaine Lung and Tony DeLeon evaluate the speeches, and suitably enough we have a musical interlude with Robert Van Horne singing his ode to Toastmasters, "Here's to the People." Chris Pon hosts.

Episode 45: 2012 June
Henry Miller tells us about dreamcatchers in "Tomorrow". Maria Leone tells us exactly why we should "Eat for Health", a subject with very personal implications. Evaluators were Marty Hyland and Eric Lomori. In our external videos segment, we highlight the District's three best club-produced videos, from San Francisco Toastmasters, Next Step Toastmasters, and Golden Gate Toastmasters. Jim Carrillo hosts.

Episode 44: 2012 May
Kevin Ferguson bridges the eras of his life via Facebook, in "Looking Forward to the Hiccups?" and Roy Terry reflects on meeting with a "Dear Expert" over dinner. Vaishali Sirkay and Harsha Vyas evaluate the speeches, and our featured club is SAP Toastmasters. Ben Cardenas hosts.

Episode 43: 2012 April
In our Youth Leadership Program episode, Madison pleads for us to remember the plight of foster children who suddenly "age out" of the foster care system. Kimberly argues the case against factory farmed meat, and for organic foods. Anusha and Sandra evaluate the speeches. Sharon Corgile hosts, and Ulla Gustafsson talks about Toastmaster's Youth Leadership Program.

Episode 42: 2012 March
Kathleen Maxwell shares personal life choices in "Who Will You Love Today?". Praveen Rao discusses an initiation ritual. Elizabeth Maynard-Archambault and Mary Ann Teixeira evaluate the speeches, and Cynthia Beck hosts. All speakers are from Promasters, in San Mateo!

Episode 41: 2012 February
Aaron McDaniel reflects on the challenges facing the millenial generation upon entering the workforce in "The First Step to Being a Young Professional". Anthony Hogan challenges us to consider more than geography in considering the concept of "Home". Chris Pon and Dhwani Shah evaluate the speeches. We visit professional speaker Rory Vaden, and Birgit Starmanns hosts.

Episode 40: 2012 January
Andy Keates takes us on adventures in grocery shopping in "Shopping"; Ben Cardenas awakens our finer senses in "Art - It's Just Something You Hang on the Wall". Yulia Smirnova and Henry Miller evaluate the speeches. Our featured club is HP Hilltop Speakers, and Vish Pattanashetty hosts.

Episode 39: 2011 December
Cynthia Beck tells us her "3 P's" of speaking, and Bumyong Choi evaluates. Then our Magic Banner (who looks a lot like Katherine Pratt) is the Table Topics Master. Table Topic speakers were Setha Yim, Elliotte Mao, Soloman Salimi, Robert Tang and Birgit Starmanns. The featured club is Next Step Toastmasters, and Tony DeLeon hosts.

Episode 38: 2011 November
Ken Mann tells us a parable in God's Perfection and Henry Miller imparts wisdom in Love and Marriage. Cynthia Beck and Ben Cardenas evaluate the speeches. In our external video, we chat with 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, Lance Miller. Rishi Nakara hosts.

Episode 37: 2011 October
Birgit Starmanns tells a story that goes deeper than its title, "Good Hair Days." Robert Van Horne sings and accompanies himself on piano, performing his salute to Toastmasters, "Here's to the People." Tony De Leon evaluates Birgit's speech, and our featured club is Redwood City Orators. Sherrie Osborne hosts.

Episode 36: 2011 September
Dhwani Shah asks "How Much Time Do You Have?" and Roy Terry evaluates his speech. We had 4 table topics speakers: Lin Chao, Jennifer Tsai, Paula Brown and Atul Nayak answered topics posed by our Toastmaster, Rajiv Prabhakar. The featured video is a chat with Sheryl Roush.

Episode 35: 2011 August
Dan Moirao shares tips on speaking techniques in "Three Myths about Public Speaking" and Denet Lewis tells us what's wrong with our food system in "Corned". Sharon Corgile and Melisa Frick evaluate their speeches. Our featured club is Promasters. Stan Ng hosts.

Episode 34: 2011 July
This episode sees Howard Miller presenting "The Manager Trap" and Sarita Agrawal discussing "Social Media Marketing." Evaluators are Tony DeLeon and Birgit Starmanns. Elliote Mao hosts. And in a Bay to Bay first, our musical interlude is provided by Robert Van Horne, who performs his composition "Here's to the People."

Episode 33: 2011 June
In this Table Topics Episode, Host Bill Copeland poses topics for our Table Topic Speakers Sri Govindarajan, Fred Wallace, Justin Wang, Rishi Nakra, and Jennifer Richardson. Then, Ulla Gustafsson presents her Entertaining speech, "Terrorists. What Terrorists?" and Rajiv Prabhakar evaluates her speech.

Episode 32: 2011 May
John Fenwick tells us how he got into his professional life in "Ten Little Engineers" and Kevin Ferguson tells us about his brush with fame in "My Hollywood Moment". Jennifer Richardson and Mali Dahl evaluate their speeches. We chat with Rory Vaden, who was first runner-up TWICE at the World Championship of public speaking at 23 and 24 years of age. Denet Lewis hosts.

Episode 31: 2011 April
Emmanuel Mayssat presents his speech, "One Million Lights" and Robert Tang tells us, "I want to Kick Like Bruce Lee!." Miriam Kojnok and Sharon Corgile evaluate their speeches. Our featured club is Promasters, and Chris Pon hosts the show.

Episode 30: 2011 March
We take a look at different speaking styles, illustrated by speakers Darrell Batchelder, Linda Shively, Tasha Ford and Tony DeLeon. Panelists Jack Gilbert, Birgit Starmanns and Tony DeLeon discuss the different styles and aspects of speaking, between the speeches. Jack Gilbert hosts this informative show.

Episode 29: 2011 February
Andrew Marshall tells us his "Chamonix Adventure" and his speech is evaluated by Aaron Brookes. Kristyn Fredericks gives tips on impromptu speaking in "How to Completely Rock Table Topics". Our featured club is Hilltop Speakers. Rich Gierman Hosts.

Episode 28: 2011 January
Mark Stiving tells lessons learned from childhood hero Woody Hayes in "You Can't Judge a Book by its Cover". David Kohls relates Peace Corps memories in "Travel with Me". Robert Van Horne and Nick Rose evaluate the speeches. Our featured club is Wry Toastmasters. Birgit Starmanns hosts.
Episode 28 was a finalist (one of the top three entries) in the 2011 WAVE (Western Access Video Excellence) Awards!

Episode 27: 2010 December
Oksana Walton reveals face-saving tactics in telling us "How to Apologize like a Celebrity". David Song talks about past romances in "My Dating Story". Carlos Puig and Nikhil Setlur evaluate the speeches. Our featured club is Promasters in Foster City. Stan Ng hosts.

Episode 26: 2010 November
Jean-Francois Roy gives a humorous first-hand account of his travails at the local gym in "My First Hour of 24-Hour". Vish Pattanashetty delves into weighty matters in "What is Reality". Heather Cowan and Stan Ng are our evaluators, and our featured club is Next Step Toastmasters. Ken Mann hosts.

Episode 25: 2010 October
In our Halloween extravaganza, Lisa Stapleton spins a yarn about childhood zucchinis, cats and explosives in The Monsters Are Closer Than We Think, and is evaluated by Mali Dahl. Tony "the Toastmaster" DeLeon is our host and leads us in Halloween themed Table Topics fielded by Linda Shively, Jennifer Chan, Jack Gilbert and Birgit Starmanns. Our featured club is Redwood City Orators.

Episode 24: 2010 August
Mary Ann Teixeira hosts this episode which features Rita Barber on "Job Search Lessons from the Grocery Store" and Earl Wong on "Public Speaking - Where I Started and Where I am Now". Chris Pon and David Kohls evaluate, and our feature is an interview with distinguished Toastmaster Sheryl Roush.

Episode 23: 2010 July
Rishi Nakra challenges us to keep the really important things in perspective, to "Be Bigger Than You Really Are". Margaret Winterburn told us about her first trip to America in "My Journey to America". Lynn Bruno and Bill Copeland evaluated the speeches. The featured club is HP Hilltop Speakers. Becky Divinski hosts.

Episode 22: Special Edition
A full-up Toastmaster meeting! In this episode we present all components of a typical Toastmaster meeting, including speeches, Table Topics, Evaluations, and other evaluation roles--Timer, Ah Counter, Grammarian...and we reveal the Word of the Day. Featuring Art Maurice as the Toastmaster; Robin Pomerance as Humorist; Scott Goering and Mark Stiving as speakers; Richard Bannin and Niels Teunis as evaluators; Birgit Starmanns as Table Topics Master, with Table Topics participants Nii Mensah, Oksansa Walton, Elaine Lung and Kristyn Fredericks; Denet Lewis as General Evaluator; Mike Barsul as Ah-Counter; Miriam Kojnok as Timer; and Stan Ng as Grammarian.

Episode 21: 2010 June
Host Will Dinkel leads a Table Topic Session themed on summer vacations. Table Topic Speakers are Darren Penfield, Sherry Snow, Ayu Bor, Doug Weller and Marika O'Baire-Kark. Pieter Kark tells a fish story featuring his 89 year old father in "Salmon Fishing". ;Hanh Chau evaluates Pieter's speech.

Episode 20: 2010 May
Allen Hwang hosts. Shilpa Vir urges us to "Keep on Stepping" and Akkana Peck asks the pointed question "Do You Own Your Stuff?". Evaluators are Pallavi Padala and Atol Nayak. Our featured club is Cisco Speaks, who held a joint meeting with their counterparts in Singapore, using Cisco's Telepresence technology.

Episode 19: 2010 April
Episode 19 taped on April 12, 2010. Niels Teunis tells us about "The Promissory Note" which has yet to be redeemed, made obvious when he became an American citizen. Chandra Manubothu, in "100% Guarantee", tells how his Toastmaster experience has helped him in other areas of his life. Jim Ogren and Joe Madley are our speech evaluators. The feature video is an interview with Gary Schmidt, the current President of Toastmasters International. Robin Pomerance hosts.

Episode 18: 2010 March
Episode 18 taped on March 8, 2010. Sherrie Osborne talks about "My Suicidal Palm Pilot" and Kristyn Fredericks asks us to "Think Pink". Dhwani Shah and Pallavi Padala evaluate the speeches, and Nick Rose presides over the meeting. Our featured club is Cisco Speaks Toastmasters, who held a virtual joint meeting with a Cisco Singapore club via their "Telepresence" rooms.

Episode 17: 2010 February
Episode 17 taped on Monday, February 8, 2010. Mario Herger leads a Table Topics session, with 4 speakers. Then, Mark Stiving talks about a "California Guy". His speech is evaluated by Wada Nadiwada. Our featured club is Redwood City Orators. Gopi Kallayil hosts.

Episode 16: 2010 January
Episode 16 taped on January 11, 2010. Tonya Holloway spoke about "The Agony and Ecstasy" -- of childbirth. Carl Nail was her evaluator. Then, Birgit Starmanns tap-danced to emphasize the trials and tribulations of travel in "Life in the Black Lane". Michael Jacobs evaluated her speech. Donna Vigil was our host.

Episode 15: 2009 December
Episode 15 taped on December 7, 2009. Galina Fedorova recounts a perfect ski day in "There are no Friends on a Powder Day". Denet Lewis evaluates her speech. Then, Mohan Aswathanarayan chalks up a first for Toastmasters Bay to Bay: He reprises his Icebreaker speech for us, "My Uncle's Truck". His speech is evaluated by Ken Mann. The featured video is an interview with Sheryl Roush, Distinguised Toastmaster and professional speaker. Art Maurice hosts with gusto

Episode 14: 2009 November
Garret Brummer tells us what happened in My First Encounter with a Raccoon and Manish Garg Evaluates. Table Topics Master Vishwanand Pattanashetty leads us in Table Topics, calling on Christine Lim, Tony DeLeon, Suresh Bhat and Ashok Handigol. Henry Miller presents a brand-new "Bay to Bay" Toastmasters Banner to Public Relations Officer Birgit Starmanns. Pankaj Amin hosts.

Episode 13: 2009 October
Episode 13 taped on Monday October 5, 2009. Shelli Strand tackles the question "Should I be a Consultant?" Then Anthony Hogan talks about the DC representation conundrum in "Taxation without Representation". Dhwani Shah and Bill Copeland evaluate the speeches, and Jennifer Stephenson hosts. Featured short video is an interview with 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, Lance Miller.

Episode 12: 2009 September
Episode 12 taped on Monday September 14, 2009. Scott Moffatt speaks on Integrity and Doug Miyaki on An Interesting, Entertaining and Valuable Weekend. Vincent Lowe and Lynn Bruno evaluate the speeches. Our featured club is Vox Toastmasters, who conducted their Humorous Speech Contest as we visited. Hari Candadai hosts.

Episode 11: 2009 August
August 10, 2009. This episode features Table Topics! Table Topics are short (1-2min) impromptu speeches, on a topic not known until the moment of the speech; Table Topics host was Michael Barnaba. Jack Sramek, as featured speaker, was evaluated by Hongtau Ma. Featured club was Next Step Toastmasters. Denet Lewis hosts.

Episode 10: 2009 July
Episode 10 taped on 2009 July 20. This episode features past winner of the District International Speech Contest, Paul Herbert, evaluated by Susan Schwarz. The second half of the show is a special presentation by Steven Dellaporta who presents his talk on leadership.

Episode 9: 2009 June
Episode 9 taped on Monday June 15, 2009. Alex Hughes presented "A Million Miles from Mayberry" and Amitabh Mishra presented "In Praise of Stu". Terry Joyce and Denet Lewis evaluated, and Birgit Starmanns hosted. The featured club was

Episode 8: 2009 May
Episode 8 taped on May 11, 2009. Mark Stiving spoke about self assessment ("Self Honesty") and Shilpa Vir talked about friendship ("The Ship and the Lifeboat"). Robert van Horne and Harsha Vyas evaluated their speeches. Henry Miller hosts.

Episode 7: 2009 April
This episode was taped at The Midpeninsula Community Media Center on April 13, 2009. David Richer was our host. Vincent Lowe presented his speech "Tool or Toy" and was evaluated by David Katsumoto. Henry Miller was the Educational Speaker, telling us about preparing for the International Speech Contest.

Episode 6: 2009 March
This episode features a speech by Richard Waldman, which was evaluated by Frank Young. Joe Madley presented the topic of preparing for speech contests, and Diane Vaughn speaks about walking the talk through hard times. The show host was Henry Kruk.

Episode 5: 2009 February
Garylene Javier hosts. The speaker, Sushna Khosla, was evaluated by Sunil Tomar. The featured video highlighted District leadership training. Shelly Horwitz then provided an educational session on judging speech contests.

Episode 4: 2008 December
The winners of the Fall Conference Humor and Evaluation speech contests, David Richer and Michael Dart, speak on this episode, along with educational speaker Michael Chojnacki. Our Feature segment has Lance Miller, 2005 World Champion of Public Speaking, talking about how Toastmasters has affected his outlook on life. Michael Barnaba hosts.

Episode 3: 2008 November
Episode 3 taped on November 10, 2008. Garylene Javier was our host, with speaker Didi Gu-Chiang and evaluator Becky Divinski. The featured club is Public Speakeasy, which held an open house.Do you have a non-native accent? We had an Education topic for the second half of the show--Bud Everts gave some basic tips on American accent acquisition.

Episode 2: 2008 October
Episode 2 taped on Monday 10/20/2008, was hosted by Ellyson Barnes. Speakers were Robert Tang and Hari Candadai; Evaluators were David Richer and Garylene Javier. The featured club this month was Early Risers Toastmasters.

Episode 1: 2008 September
The first episode featured Carl Thormeyer as host, with Connie Dimmitt and Gopi Kallayil as speakers. Jennifer Stephenson and James Griffin evaluated. The featured club was Lee Emerson Bassett Club.