Social media extends public relations beyond a Web page and e-mails. The idea is not to duplicate the Web site, but to allow members to engage in a dialog, share their own thoughts, video and photos, and comment on each others' posts. District 4 is expanding its reach with the following sites - see you there!

Join in the conversation! Fans of this Facebook "page" have already been announcing club events and open houses, announcing contest winners, uploading photos, sharing accomplishments and educational achievements and congratulating each other on them - a true District 4 community.

District 4's blog, the District 4-1-1, is a platform for members of the leadership team to share updates and insights. Subscribe to our blog for ongoing news and announcements.

Members of any of District 4's 140 clubs can join our Meetup group to post and receive information about Toastmasters events. Drop in to meet other Toastmasters and see how they have benefitted from being members.

Want to be kept up-to-date on quick announcements, highlights of events, and other fun resources for District 4? Then follow us on Twitter to make sure you don't miss out!

We now have a YouTube channel for District 4! We'll use this for a variety of content either through direct uploads to the channel, or by marking members' videos as favorites (just send us your links to, from videos of testimonials and speeches, to short how-to segments to help you navigate Toastmasters resources.

Available videos:
Why is Toastmasters Important to You?