District credits can be earned by meeting the requirements for the Club Success Awards listed at d4tm.org/incentives. See instructions below on how to redeem them.

In this "How to":

Check District Credit Balance
Search for your club number at https://bit.ly/3clFnJz to verify your club has enough district credit to cover the full amount of your purchase.

Redeem District Credits for Merchandise and Gift Certificates
District credits can be used to purchase anything on the Toastmasters International online shop (except digital orders).

Step 1: Download a copy of the "District Credit Redemption Form Template" here.

Step 2: Create a virtual cart in the Toastmasters online shop and process your order up to Checkout Step 1 to determine engraving, tax, and shipping costs. Note: Do NOT enter or submit credit card payment.

Step 3: Fill in your order by copying the information from the virtual cart into your own copy of the District Credit Redemption Form.

Step 4: Email the completed form to credits@d4tm.org

Redeem District Credits for Education Events
Club officers can redeem district credits for full or partial admission to the following education events:

  • Leadership Institutes (TLI)
  • Annual Conference
  • Club pass ONLY to Area/Division Speech Contests (NO individual admission)

Email a request to credits@d4tm.org with the following information:

  • Your club name and number
  • Event name and date
  • Amount of district credits to use and how to be distributed (e.g. 3 discount codes of $50 each)

Frequently Asked Questions

When do district credits expire?
District credits must be used by May 31 or they are forfeit. NO EXCEPTIONS.

How can we avoid losing unused district credits?
Clubs may convert district credits to gift certificates by placing a merchandise order prior to May 31. Gift certificates do not expire, but can only be used to purchase merchandise directly from Toastmasters International by mail.

When will I hear if my club met the requirements and earned a district incentive?
Please be patient when expecting confirmation emails. Unless you're planning to place an order immediately, allow one week after the incentive program deadline for confirmation emails to be issued.

Why can't I just submit a PDF?
Because the form includes tables, PDFs cannot be accurately copied or deconstructed, so they cannot be made into orders for processing.

Is a Word doc OK?

How can we check the status of our club order?
Email tracking@toastmasters.org with the original order number or call (720) 439-5050.

Can we use district credits to get a refund on a past merchandise or educational ticket purchase?
No. Earned credits can ONLY be applied to future orders, not retroactively to past orders that have already been paid for.

When can we expect to receive our club order?
Supply orders usually responds within 1-2 days, but can take 5+ days during contest season and the close of spending term in May and June. Orders without backorders usually are received within 15 business days, but orders that are engraved can take longer, and orders that are backordered may take much longer than this. For best results, place orders at least 2-3 weeks before you need them.

My item was backordered. How long will it take to arrive?
District 4 has no information on backorders. Call Supply Orders at (720) 439-5050 with your order number for information on when the product will be back in stock. Order numbers can be obtained by emailing credits@d4tm.org.

Can I use district credits towards Toastmaster membership dues?
No, district credits cannot be redeemed towards paying for individual Toastmaster dues.