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Gear-Up Club Officers and increase your PR Activities and Membership Campaigns!  See the Club Success Awards page for details on how to receive district credits for achieving these awards and review the How to Redeem District Credits. If clubs want to know how much credit they have left, visit the Credits Tracker and look for your club number.

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Unless noted, the information shown below is updated daily from the Toastmasters International Club Performance and Educational Achievement reports.

Lucky 7

Clubs that have all 7 officers trained in a training season (Jun-Aug or Nov-Feb) receive $75 in District Credit. Check your club's officer training status here.

Lucky 7 Round 2 (November-February)

AreaClub AreaClub


Starting Strong

The club that added the most new, dual or reinstated members between August 1 and September 30 who payed their dues through March 30 will receive a $75 gift certificate. Congratulations to San Carlos-Belmont Club (530) for doubling their membership during this period.

Open House Challenge

Clubs that held an open house during August-September or January-February and added 3 or more new members within four weeks. These club will receive $50 in District Credit.

  • San Carlos Toastmasters (318)
  • J&J Bay Area Toastmasters (5444011)

Early Achievers

Clubs that achieve at least 5 Distinguished Club Program goals by October 31st and have either 20 members or a increase of 5 members from their base receive $100 in District credit. Report below shows clubs that have met the requirement. Note that status may change based on October dues period results.

Early Risers Club 7 Salesforce Toastmasters 6
Foster City Toastmasters Club 7 Genentech Toastmasters Club 5
Spanish Bilingual SF 7 Lee Emerson Bassett Club 5
Menlo Park Toastmasters Club 6    

Plan 4 Success

Clubs that send a copy of their completed Club Success Plan, signed by at least four officers, and a photo of the team working on the plan by September 16th are listed below in the order they were submitted.  These club will receive $50 in District Credit.

  1. San Carlos Toastmasters (318)
  2. Foster City Toastmasters (4104)
  3. High Spirits of Toastmasters (4368)
  4. Everybody Speaks Club (9408)
  5. Guidewire Premium Presenters (2626176)
  6. Rainbow Toastmasters (822664)
  7. BioPacific Toastmasters (6480331)
  8. Opportunity Speakers (4282)
  9. San Francisco Downtown (65)
  10. Genentech Toastmasters Club (859889)
  11. San Francisco Bilingual Cantonese-English Toastmasters (4409370)
  12. First Republic Toastmasters (3154261)
  13. Asian Express Toastmasters Club (2203)
  14. Early Risers Club (2117)
  15. UC Oracles Toastmasters Club (4292)
  16. Spanish Bilingual SF (4634690)
  17. Visa Speakers Circle Toastmsters Club (7190)
  18. Daly City Toastmasters (1881)
  19. Superspace Toastmasters (2784455)
  20. San Carlos-Belmont Club (530)
  1. SRI Organon Club (1435)
  2. Millbrae'ers Club(2168)
  3. Menlo Park Sunset Toastmasters (4304)
  4. Global San Francisco Toastmasters (1567667)
  5. Menlo Park Toastmasters Club (1372)
  6. Plane Talk (1863501)
  7. Varian Toastmasters (7553405)
  8. GToast (1488183)
  9. RingCentral Toastmasters Belmont (5930314)
  10. Evening Stars (1424967)
  11. Civic Center Toastmasters (600229)
  12. HP Hilltop Speakers Club (4515)
  13. Point of Order Club (6029)
  14. San Francisco Storytellers (1378531)
  15. AWESome Toastmasters (5048211)
  16. Money Talks Toastmasters Club (3295)
  17. GGU Toastmasters (6094)
  18. Townsend Toastmasters (1280840)
  19. Electric Toasters Club (9913)

September Sanity

Clubs renewing at least 75% of their base membership by September 15 receive $50 in District Credit.

Club Club


Smedley Award/Smedley Stretch

Clubs that add 5 members or more between August 1st and September 30th qualify for the Smedley Award from Toastmasters International. Clubs that add 7 or more new members in this period are awarded Smedley Stretch and receive $50 in District Credit from District 4.

ClubNew ClubNew


Lucky 7

Clubs that have all 7 officers trained in a training season (Jun-Aug or Nov-Feb) receive $75 in District Credit. Check your club's officer training status here.

Lucky 7 Round 1 (June-August)

AreaClub AreaClub

Education Awards

Member Educational Awards Achieved Since July 1

See which District 4 members achieved educational goals last 30 days here. See the complete list of achievements since July here.


Member Educational Awards by Division Since July 1